Recycling during the holiday season


BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) It’s the time of year when many families generate the most waste.

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On Christmas morning, many people will open up presents and recycling officials everyone to be conscious about what they do with all of their used wrapping paper and trash.

Officials say they want to make sure that people are recycling correctly this holiday season, that means knowing what goes in the blue bins and what goes in the trash.

Wrapping paper with glitter, foil or any other material in the wrapping paper should go in the trash. Check the materials of the wrapping paper by tearing the corner and looking to see if there are any other materials inside.

Ribbons and bows do not get recycled and are supposed to go in the trash.

Something else some might be throwing away this time of year are broken lights, which do not go in the blue bin.

Finally, cardboard boxes, glass bottles and jars all go in the blue bin.

Officials say not recycling properly slows down production and could make it more expensive in the future.

“At its most benign level it creates more work for people on the receiving end who are sorting the materials out, but it can also shut down the materials recovery facility where material are sorted and then it loses time and money on that,” said Cassandra Hemenway from the Central Vermont Waste District.

Hemenway says they want to make sure those materials are staying out of landfills and recycled properly. They say doing this helps the environment and it’s pretty easy to do.

“My biggest priority is to always encourage people to reduce waste and reduce recycling even before they are thinking about, ‘What do I do with it when I’m done,'” said Emma Stuhl, an environmental analyst.

The Central Vermont Waste District has created a new program for those hosting a party to have it be an event “zero waste” party. They do this by renting out flatware, linens and bins.

Hemenway wants everyone to think about giving gifts that don’t generate waste like ski passes or movie tickets.

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