RM Of Ste Anne Suggests Expanded Recycling Programs


Recycling systems could use some expanding, according to the RM of Ste Anne.

Currently, in Manitoba, only beer cans and bottles are eligible for a refund.

“We are looking towards getting part of that levy money that’s charged on pop cans, juice bottles, and anything that is worthy of a levy to go into recycling refunds,” says Reeve Paul Saindon.

Saindon believes the refunds would encourage people to collect and return the recyclable items instead of littering or throwing them away.

“I think it’s something that’s evolving,” says the reeve citing provinces like Quebec and BC where the reimbursement on beverage containers is far more encompassing.

“We’re being charged for it at the purchase level, yet I’m not sure where the levy money goes, but it should certainly go back to people who bother to collect and return these items.”

Saindon says Council will bring the issue before the Association of Manitoba Municipalities so they may lobby the government for expanded recycling programs.

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