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Fisk Johnson

Consumer brands manufacturer SC Johnson has partnered with Plastic Bank to help prevent plastics waste from entering the ocean.

The three-year initiative includes the creation of recycling infrastructure across five countries and will offer consumers a financial reward – in the form of digital tokens that can be exchanged for items and services such as household products, healthcare coverage and school tuition – in return for collecting plastics.

Once the plastic is collected and exchanged, it will be recycled and reused to create bottles made from 100 per cent rPET. These so called Social Plastic bottles will be used to package Windex Original and Windex Vinegar in the US and Canada from February 2020.

“More than eight million tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean every year, so building infrastructure that stops plastic before it gets into the ocean is key to solving this issue,” said Fisk Johnson, chairman and chief executive of SC Johnson. “I’m particularly pleased that this programme we developed with Plastic Bank helps to address poverty and this critical environmental issue at the same time.”

SC Johnson and Plastic Bank have nine exisiting collection centres in Indonesia. Under the three-year agreement, this will expand to 509 collection centres and points across several countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – four of the five countries that contribute most to ocean plastics – and Brazil.

Plastic Bank plans to collect 30,000 tonnes of plastics waste over the three years. “Together with SC Johnson, we now have the ability to help close the loop and advance a circular economy while developing infrastructure in the areas where it is needed the most,” commented David Katz, Plastic Bank’s founder and chief executive. “We are eager to expand exponentially and maximize our efforts in cleaning the environment, prohibiting waste from entering the ocean and alleviating poverty simultaneously.”

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