Scary Halloween Recycling

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Me when I realize candy wrappers can’t be recycled.

Don’t be a recycling horror story. Here are five Halloween items that shouldn’t be recycled:
1. Candy wrappers: We love to eat those little wrapped candy bars but unfortunately the wrappers aren’t really plastic! They are a mixed material and can’t be recycled. I
2. Pumpkins: Throw them in with your yard waste or even better – compost!
3. Costumes: Keep those old costumes around and re-use them! Your latex masks are another item that should not go into your recycle bin. Think about donating them to charity if you don’t want to wear them again.
4. Makeup: Tins and tubes of face paint and fake blood aren’t recyclable. Even if the container is made from plastic or metal, it most likely is contaminated by goopy residue. It’s better just to throw it away.
5. Spooky lighting: Light strings can really mess up our sorting equipment so toss those in the trash if you cannot reuse them.

Halloween is actually a great time to recycle old clothes, paper and general household items into cute, creative and fun costumes. Browse the internet for tons of ideas of how to save money AND help the environment by creating unique costumes from stuff sitting around the house.

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