SCJ, Brewers team up: Company to recycle stadium’s used plastic cups into product bottles |


Fans will deposit their used cups in special, marked containers. It will be picked up by Town of Norway-based John’s Disposal, transported to Placon in Madison, where it will be cleaned and flaked.

Those flakes will be transported to Verdeco Recycling in Terra Haute, Ind., where it will be processed into pellets that can be blow-molded. It will be made by Logoplaste, one of SCJ’s bottle suppliers, into Scrubbing Bubbles bottles that will be filled at Waxdale.

Johnson said the Brewers approached SCJ about working together — not the other way around.

“They’ve seen a lot of the work that we’ve done on plastic waste, and they thought that this was a good partnership,” he said. “And the moment they came to us, we thought, ‘Oh my God, this is fantastic.’” They had discussions over the past few months to come up with a plan, he said.

“We’re starting with the cups, and we’re going to look at other forms of stadium waste as well, and see what we can do to partner on that.”

Three major benefits

Johnson identified what are, to him, the three “huge benefits” of the new partnership with the Brewers:

  • It helps to close the recycling loop.
  • It will help bring attention to the plastic pollution crisis.
  • It may motivate other companies and stadiums to former similar partnerships.

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