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LEXINGTON — The Lexington recycling center will be installed with security cameras following an increase in the dumping of trash in the recycling bins.

The center, located at 205 S. Mill St, is overseen by the Richland County Solid Waste Authority, who will be installing the cameras and a sign warning that the area is under security surveillance.

“Nineth-five percent of people utilize (the recycling bins) for what their supposed to be used for,” said Eddie Hale, Director for Richland County Solid Waste Authority. “It’s just those one or two people that are using them for their personal garbage cans.”

Lexington Recycling Center

The Lexington Recycling Center has been getting litter from some unauthorized people.

Hale explained that when there is contamination in a recycling bin, it’s no longer able to be recycled and must be taken to the landfill. The trash dumping at Lexington has been going on for a few months now and has primarily been a lot of construction debris

“We’ve seen whole lumber, deck boards and busted up plywood. I’d say it’s more than likely a guy working for himself, doing little small construction sites, and using Lexington as a dump-off for the trash,” Hale said.

It isn’t unusual for the recycling center to see a small amount of trash being dumped. However, the dumping at the Lexington center is excessive.

Hale later said that if the person dumping is caught they could be charged with littering, punishable with up to $500 in fines and 60 days in jail.

“The Solid Waste Authority tries to keep any of (the recycled materials) from going to the landfill,” Hale said. “I send my guys down twice a week before the bins are emptied, they will collect any trash they find and try to get everything recycled.”

Recycling bins

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