Solaris Water Midstream expands water recycling operations in Permian Basin


Houston oil field water management company Solaris Water Midstream LLC is expanding its water recycling operations on the New Mexico side of the Permian Basin.

The company’s Pecos Star System started oil field water recycling operations in Eddy and Lea counties in New Mexico and Culberson and Loving counties in Texas in February.

On Tuesday, Solaris announced that the company has started operations at its expanded Lobo Ranch Produced Water Recycling and Blending Center in Eddy County and started construction for the Bronco Water Recycling and Blending Center in neighboring Lea County.

In a statement, Solaris Water Misdtream CEO Bill Zartler said the high-capacity water recycling centers cover a significant portion of the Northern Delaware Basin, a section of the oil-rich but arid Permian Basin.

“We are taking thousands of water trucks off the road, saving precious groundwater, helping
our customers achieve operational and cost efficiencies,” Zartler said. “Our integrated system both saves our customers money and provides significant environmental and safety benefits.”

Midstream Moves: Solaris begins water recycling operations in the Permian Basin

Launched in November 2015 and financially backed by the private equity firm Trilantic Capital Partners North America, Solaris sources and delivers freshwater to drilling operations in addition to recycling and disposing oil field wastewater.

The company’s expansion in the Permian Basin comes at a time when water is top of mind in both Texas and New Mexico.

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With millions of gallons of water used in both the drilling and hydraulic fracturing processes to develop a single oil well, lawmakers in both states recently passed bills mandating water treatment and recycling in the oil field.

New Mexico’s House Bill 546 into law went into effect on July 1 while Texas’ House Bill 3246 will go into effect on Sept. 1.

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