Solid Waste Disposal Authority address concerns residents have about new recycling program


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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Solid Waste Disposal Authority (SWDA) says it’s getting complaints about its new recycling program. WHNT News 19 reported residents interested in receiving recycling services – for the first time or otherwise – must enroll in the new recycling program with the Recycling Alliance of North Alabama.

Some of your recyclables get dumped at the Huntsville Solid Waste to Energy Facility. That load goes to another plant in Chattanooga for sorting.

“We have someone that recycled but we need them to break down their boxes,” said SWDA executive director Doc Holladay. He said some residents want a second recycle bin because they’re filling up before pick-up day – which is set one day out the month for about 65,000 households in Huntsville, Madison, and Madison County.

“We usually fill it all the way up, but so far it hasn’t overflowed,” said Huntsville resident Marsha Samuelson

Marsha Samuelson may not have issues with her recycling but executive director Doc Holladay said others do.

“The two thing I think we hear about is some of the residents think that we need to have more than once a month collection and the other is there’s still some confusion about why we eliminated commodities from the existing program.”

Batteries and plastic other than narrow neck numbers 1 and 2 bottles can’t be processed under the new recycling program.

“I haven’t heard any complaints from my neighbors,” said Samuelson. “The once a month works just fine for us.”

Holladay said monthly pickups are more sustainable.

“We doubled the size of the service area almost. So there were 25,000 households when we changed the program that are in our service area that have never had access to curbside recycling.”

Thousands more will get a blue bin next week.

“We’re making a video now that kind of reinforces what we take into the program and how to maximize the existing container you have.”

You’ll have to watch the video and take a quiz to sign up for a second bin, that should happen in March.

There’s a drop-off service for used motor oils and batteries here in Huntsville.  The Household Hazardous Waste Facility opens Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The address is 1055 A Cleaner Way, Huntsville, AL 35805.

This service is free to residents living in Huntsville, Madison and Madison County, electronics are welcome.


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