South Tahoe Recycling Center reopens with new COVID-19 protocols | South Lake Tahoe


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – After being closed for much of the pandemic, the South Tahoe Recycling Center is going to try reopening once again.

South Tahoe Refuse, operators of the recycling center, say they are determined to keep it open by making sure those using the facility are doing so safely.

The new procedures:

1. Appointments only. No appointments will be made onsite. Call 530.542.8344 to schedule.
2. Masks are required at all times.
3. If you are sick, or have been sick, wait to recycle. If you are sick, so are your recyclables.
4. Social distancing will be enforced. Stay in vehicles until attendants directed to unloading zone. Only 1 person outside of their vehicle when recycling.
5. Help staff stay healthy so they can keep the center open. Six feet apart and follow instructions.
6. Limit the touching of surfaces. Wash hands and sanitize.
7. Sort clean and dry material by type – plastics, aluminum, glass, etc.
8. View slide show here.

The Buy-Back center is located at 2192 Ruth Ave., South Lake Tahoe.

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