St. Clair Township residents complaining about recycling change


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Changes to recycling collection imposed on St. Clair Township last month aren’t sitting well with many residents.

As of January 1, recycling is only being collected in blue recycling boxes. Clear or blue bags are no longer being accepted.

Mayor Steve Arnold said contractor Emterra won’t take the time to sort recyclables.

He said he gets daily negative feedback from community members.

“I know it’s frustrating for people. I get calls everyday with regards to folks not being able to do this easily and feeling that there’s too much of their paper blowing around,” said Arnold. “A lot of people are just resorting to putting it in the garbage and that defeats the whole purpose of having recycling.”

Arnold said they’re exploring the possibility of having covered recycling bins that can simply be dumped into the truck.

Emterra’s new four year $2,147,694 contract to handle recycling, processing, and marketing starts July 1.

Waste Management had previously taken care of the processing.

Overall, St. Clair Township will be paying 56 per cent more for recycling services once the new contract comes into effect.

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