Streets Department launches interactive map for tracking trash/recycling collections (updated)


Streets Department launches interactive map for tracking trash/recycling collections (updated)

October 1, 2020

If your trash or recyclables haven’t been picked up, here’s a new tool that will help you track the status of collections on your block. The Streets Department has announced the launch of PickupPHL, a new interactive map that will allow residents to view daily trash and recycling collections. The new platform has officially launched for public use today (Oct. 1).

The new tool provides direct access to the City’s residential sanitation services and residents will have almost real-time access to the Sanitation Division’s truck routing system. The public will be able to see the daily progress of the Streets Department’s residential collection routes. PickupPHL allows users to determine if a block has been visited by a trash, recycling or both trucks and identify where collections are taking place daily. 

Residents can find out the status of trash and recycling collections on their block by entering their address, which is then geo-coded and pinpointed directly on the map. PickupPHL shows the date and time when the trash and recycling trucks visited their block. Residents will also be able to view current updates on trash and recycling collections (the map is refreshed every 30 minutes with updated information from GPS devices installed on the sanitation vehicles) and submit a report directly to 311 through the platform.

PickupPHL is the third component of the Streets Department’s StreetSmartPHL platform (besides PavePHL, PermitPHL, and PlowPHL), which provides direct access to the department’s core services.

The site is in its beta phase, so feedback and suggested improvements on the site is encouraged. To access the site, residents can visit

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