Students Rally For New Recycling Law At Arkansas State Capitol


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) – College students from across Arkansas came to the capitol with hundreds of littered bottles to fight for a bill to clean up the Natural State. 

They say each Arkansan wastes more bottles than this every year. 

The bill filed by Representative Vivian Flowers today would set up container deposits across the state. 

Bottle prices would increase by six cents, but consumers would be able to get five cents of it back when they take the bottles to one of these centers. 

If they don’t redeem their bottles, the money would still go to Medicaid but also grants for the highway department and city water departments. 

“Recycling is an opportunity that is currently not available to all Arkansans. If Arkansas is to call itself the Natural State, then we should live up to that name,” says Taylor Bridges, Arkansas for Container Deposit Law.

If passed this session, the system would be fully up and running in three years. 

Ten states already have similar container deposit laws. 


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