Talking Trash: Emmet County Recycling Accepts Bulky Yard Furniture & Household Items


Whether you’re cleaning out the garage this summer or getting ready for some fall organizing, Emmet County Recycling in Harbor At Doc 092117 By Dave Harrell[1]Springs is ready to help you out.  Anything from plastic bins or old lawn chairs are gladly accepted with their recycling program.

“We do except that lawn furniture, kitty litter buckets, Rubbermaid totes, that kind of stuff can all be dropped off at the Pleasantview drop off-center,” says Emmet County Recycling director, Andi Shepherd.

Besides the bulky items, latex paint can also be dropped off at Emmet County Recycling.

“With being home we’ve seen a lot of garage cleanouts. So we can accept latex paint. Anytime we are open. So, it’s $2 a gallon, and that is actually made into new paint, which is recycled for Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. So, it’s just a cool closed-loop system here in Michigan,” says Shepherd.

Shepherd does stress that people follow the recycling guidelines when it comes to the materials they’re dropping off.

For those details and more about what items are accepted with Emmet County Recycling click here.




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