The 3 Most Valuable Metals To Recycle

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US facilities process and recycle over 200 billion pounds of scrap metal annually. This includes ferrous and nonferrous metals alike. Of course, the latter category fetches higher recycling rates. Individuals and businesses recycle metals for the benefit of the environment, and for the profits. Nonferrous scraps are always worth something after all. However, Houston and other metal recycling facilities pay more for specific metals.

The following three metals are the most valuable for recycling:

#1: Copper

Currently, the average price of copper sits above $2.00 per pound. Copper’s found in everything from gutters, to electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures. Recycling facilities often pay for copper on a two-tier system. For instance, pristine copper receives better rates than worn or rusted copper scraps. Most people consider copper the king of scrap metal. A few hundred pounds of copper could be worth thousands of dollars.

#2: Brass

A mixture of copper and zinc, brass is worth a decent amount of money. Luckily, brass is a common metal that’s found in keys and plumbing fixtures, as well as elsewhere. Few metals are heavier than brass from a density perspective. Its price is lower than copper, but a large amount of brass pays well to recycle. Since brass is so common, individuals shouldn’t experience problems finding enough of it to make for a lucrative recycling trip.

#3: Aluminum

Millions of aluminum cans are recycled each year. Then again, quite a few residential fixtures and building materials contain aluminum as well. Aluminum’s price per pound doesn’t match copper or brass today. Still, a bulk amount of aluminum yields a high price tag, and it’s quite the common nonferrous metal.

When it comes to metal recycling, most recyclers won’t become rich on their efforts. Despite that fact, recycling nonferrous scrap metal could produce a few hundred dollars with ease. A variety of Houston recycling facilities take ferrous and non-ferrous metals. To acquire the best price on metals, scrap owners should check around to make sure they’re getting a deal.

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