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I am really excited about this new interchangeable no-sew button bracelet kit available at Buttons Galore. The possibilities are truly endless! Use the buttons that come in the kit that are beyond cute (and kid friendly) to beautiful elegant and sparkly buttons and even recycled and vintage buttons from your stash.

Start by screwing in the included knob closure that comes in the kit.

Place the screw part into a hole from the back to the front and then screw the knob part onto the threaded end on the top side of the faux leather cuff.

Select the buttons you would like to put on your bracelet.

Place each button shank through each hole on the bracelet.

Then simply thread the straight side of the button clip through the shank and snap it into place to secure.

Rotate your buttons so they line up in the direction you want them to be seen.

This faux leather cuff and button bracelet kit includes pretty colors like light blue, pink, orange, black, taupe, and red so they work with colorful buttons, gold and silver buttons and combinations of all of the above.

To wear the faux leather button bracelet simply wrap the cuff around your wrist and poke the knob closure through the hole at the opposite end from back to front.

It is fun to wear several at a time in all different colors.

You can slide the clip off the button shank and change out the buttons for different looks to coordinate with different outfits or when you find a new button you want to wear.

This is so cool!

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