The world would improve dramatically if cigarettes required a deposit equal to the cost of a pack or carton! : recycling


A couple of days ago, due to the virus, our grocery store was wiped out of milk. Fortunately in the far corner I saw a lonely container of milk in a bottle. At the cash register it came up as $2.39 for the milk and $2 deposit for the bottle.

If we could do the same for cigarettes we could finally put an end to disgusting butts all over the place.

A couple of chicks where I live used to smoke and cackle outside the front door each holding a metal Band-Aid box for their butts. Imagine something like a Band-Aid box with 20 holes for ammo/butts. Then when they go buy a new pack all the vendors have a big container to dump the butts into and verify that their deposit can be applied to the next round of cigarettes. Maybe it could be made to be some kind of “cartridge” such that there isn’t any ash residue.

This system would make money for the cigarette businesses in selling fancy metal collection boxes. E.g. a shiny chrome box with an AC/DC logo.

This would help smokers who feel like an outcast because now they have a responsible circle of life from pack to pack that doesn’t cause problems for everybody else.

In conclusion, if we can have a deposit on other products then let’s have one on cigarettes too and start enjoying a cleaner world.

As always, if you have a BETTER idea, then let’s do that instead. Thank you.

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