Things that consumers should know before recycling their electronics


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May 26, 2017


July 3, 2017

Before you recycle with us,

Here is what consumers should KNOW before recycling with Used Computer Malaysia

We are overwhelmed with the response that we get by Malaysians on how eager they want to recycle their electronics. As much as we want to fulfill all of the requirements for the consumers, time is our enemy. We are trying our best to keep all the schedule in the right track.

We are going to be transparent on our proces

s on things we need to consider before we schedule to go for collection.

However, this is what consumers should know before they recycle their electronics. We are going to give reasons about this based on our FAQ.

  • Why the price that are estimated and the item been paid are different? 
    • The reason why is, if we go to companies we would go for site visit first, to see the condition of the item, the quantity of the item then we would come out with price. The collection can only proceed based on mutual agreement and other procedure. Companies procedure are a lot more complex than consumer.
    • We believe that every price that were been said by our officer are based on our companies price list. ASk our officer for the reason if you disagree with the price. They will gladly explain. Our price list are aligned with the trend and technology advancement.


  • As for consumer with only little amount of electronics, we do not do site visit, so we can only give the estimation price, however, why sometime we do not pay the item as what we estimate?
    • Our officer is well trained to give out prices based on our companies’ requirement. We believe that our officer have seen the condition, technology of the item and knows how much would it cost. For example, estimation price for a computer is RM 200, however the one that you will be recycling with us is the old computer. Old computers are considered as a scrap, thus the price will differ. (P/s: The price is just an example)

Our advice: Check on the item that you want to recycle and ask our officer why is the price is lower than estimated. This only happens to some of the consumers. We believe that if you ask questions to our officer on the day they collect and pay you for the items, they will gladly explain to you why your item falls into a certain category.


  • I have done rescheduling yesterday, why they did not come for collection today?
    • Dear consumers, rescheduling need to be done 5 days before the collection. Rescheduling cannot be done a day before, unless our officer agreed to do so. You need to reconfirm with our officer on the date and time and do not reschedule it via Facebook, Instagram or any other social platforms. Rescheduling can only be made by calling 03-3101 4955 or email: The rescheduling will only be confirmed when our officer replied and agreed to change the date.

Our advice: You can go to our shops nearest to you and get your cash, instantly. You do not need to reschedule; you can get your cash instantly. Also, you are doing the right to the earth.


  • Do you take broken electronics? Or Saya ada laptop kondisi baik, tapi keypad dia dah rosak.
    • Dear valued consumers, yes we do take electronics that are faulty and broken, but it will fall under the category of scrap.

  • On Facebook; (sent pictures) How much is the price?
    • Dear consumers, Our Facebook page is merely for commercial purpose and general queries, any inquiries on price estimation can only be made by our officer. To get to our officer, you can call 03- 3101 4955 or simply mail it to .We believe that to this date, this is the FAQ, this blogpost will be updated once there are more FAQ.  Happy recycling with Used Computer Malaysia! You are doing great for your sorage clean up, wallet and also the earth.
Amalin Zakludin

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