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Tioga County Legislature passed a resolution Tuesday repealing the former recycling law and establishing the new Tioga County Mandatory Source Separation Law effective as of January 1, 2021.

The Legislature held a public hearing on September 23, 2020 and heard comments from the public and written comments in the days following.

The Legislature implemented the new law based on financial concerns of increasing property taxes as well as recycling taxes.

The Recycling Fee on the 2021 Town and County taxes will be removed completely. Moving forward the County is working with local trash haulers to make the transition smooth for the citizens.

How this will work:

If your garbage is collected at your curb, the trash hauler you are currently doing business with will be required to pick up your recycling and transport it to a certified materials recovery facility or MRF.

You will likely be charged for this service.

Residents who normally take their garbage to a transfer station or landfill should continue to do so with a charge expected.

If your municipality collects your garbage, they will provide recycling collection.

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