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Owego, NY – The Tioga County Legislature is proposing a change in how recycling is done in Tioga County. The New York State (NYS) Solid Waste Act 1988 requires all counties to adopt local laws or ordinances requiring the separation and segregation of recyclable or reusable materials from solid waste.

Tioga County initiated the Countywide Curbside Recycling Program in 1992. The County’s current program is weekly countywide curbside recycling. The contract expires at the end of this year and the Legislature went out for bid in June. The lowest bid came back more than double the cost of our current plan and it was for half the service for an increase of $1.26 million annually. 

The current plan for Tioga County is the following:
– If your garbage is collected at your curb, the hauler YOU choose will be providing recycling likely with a surcharge.

– Residents that bring their garbage to a transfer station or landfill should bring their recycling with them and place it in the appropriate location. There may be a charge.

– If your municipality collects your garbage, they will provide recycling collection.

If the Legislature goes through with the plan, the recycling tax line will be removed from the property tax bills completely. The County is currently experiencing a 20% cut in funding from the State and there is also a 9% reduction in sales tax to date.


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