Tips on recycling your favorite holiday decorations


Christmas has come and gone and now the attention for some is taking down the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. If you’re thinking of just throwing anything out you may want to think twice about how you can recycle some of those items. 

“We produce 25 percent more waste during the holiday season than any other time of the year,” says Kim Lewis with the Mahoning County Dream Team. 

According to the Green Team there a number of items we use around the holidays that can be easily recyclable. 

“Wrapping paper is a biggie, of course, you can put wrapping paper in your curbside bin or take it to the drop off site. Very important when you recycle wrapping paper that you remove ribbons and any other decorations. Tissue paper is just fine you can put that in your bin you can also recycle the greeting cards,” adds Lewis. 

Cards can be recycled too, typically reused to make other paper products,  but the big question seems to be how to throw out the tree.

“Take it to one of our fifteen drop-off sites, leave it there. We actually partner with ODNR, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, to submerge those trees in area lakes and use it for wildlife habitat,” says Lewis. 

A full list of those drop off sites is available here  . 

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