Trumbull County recycling program expands


WARREN, Ohio -

We’ve always been taught to reduce, reuse, recycle but sometimes that lesson can be forgotten especially when it comes to larger appliances. 

“This is an opportunity, it’s seasonal and they can bring it here from May until the end of October,” says community outreach coordinator Holly Carine. 

The Household Hazardous Waste facility on Enterprise Boulevard in Warren has been around for several years but just this week has expanded to accepting larger appliances like computers, monitors, and televisions five days a week. 

On top of the everyday appliance items that you have around your home and you may want to recycle they are also accepting some hazardous materials which you wouldn’t think would be recyclable but now is a possibility.

“On Wednesday’s we include hazardous waste in our collection so they’re looking for different chemical compounds, the oil is poured off, and they separate the materials by chemical,” adds Carine. 

Trumbull County Commissioner Dan Polivka says the expansion of the facility in it’s hours of operation and what it can accept will directly improve the blight issue in the county. 

“We are making it easier for them to come out here with the Saturday’s and everyday we will be open for business so hopefully that will help with the blight and hoping people will take more advantage,” says Polivka. 

There’s no charge to recycle items for Trumbull and Geauga County residents. More information on dates and times of operation and what is accepted can be found be following this link. 

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