Ukrainians invent floating waste recycling plant for cleaning ocean. Photos


The NiceCube creative group from Mykolayiv city, Ukraine, designed a unique project of a floating waste recycling plant at the request of the Ocean Polymers British environmental company.

 “The NiceCube creative group from Mykolayiv city designed a unique innovative project on the location of a waste recycling plant on board of a boat at the request of the Ocean Polymers company,” FoodBIOPack project reports on its Facebook page.

As noted, an old boat was equipped with a plasma system for pyrolysis (thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures) of organic and inorganic substances for the intensive removing of waste from water.

Such boats will be able to sail across oceans, rivers and even lakes.

The project customers, the Clean our ocean initiative, report that a boat will collect, dry and shred plastic and other waste and then processed it into clean synthetic gas that will be utilized to fuel the boat.


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