Unsuspecting Apprentice Asked To ‘Catch’ Sparks For Recycling


Being an apprentice on a worksite can be a tough grind. You might not have many skills but you’re usually likely to get your hands dirty in order to help out the rest of the team.

But it’s that naivety that can sometimes make you the laughing stock of the whole workplace.

That’s what one bloke experienced when he was working at a site at Clontarf Railway Station in Dublin, Ireland.

As one of the lads operated some heavy machinery on the railway tracks, the poor apprentice was asked to grab a bag so that he could catch the sparks for recycling.

Because the lad has probably not had that much experience working on a site, he wouldn’t know that that is absolutely bollocks.

A spark is just a small glowing particle or ember that wouldn’t be able to be collected like that in a bag.

What’s even more ridiculous is that the bloke did it all without eye protection goggles.

After the video was posted onto social media, many people shared their own hilarious stories of what they or other workers used to do with apprentices.

Credit: CONTENTbible
Credit: CONTENTbible

“My mum worked in a chemist and one day a young lad came in and said his boss had sent him to buy some elbow grease. The chemist told the lad he had just sold the last jar so go try the shop over the road and tell them I sent you,” one user said.

Another wrote: “Where my husband worked many years ago they used the send trainees to the stores for a long stand. After 10 minutes they used to send them back and said the had stood long enough.”

A third added: “After he’s done with that, tell him to fetch a bucket of steam and grab a pair of sky hooks when he gets back.”

It’s not known how long this little spark joke went on before the apprentice caught on but no doubt he’ll be sceptical of any work order in the future

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