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Column from Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay

Each year, many New Yorkers accumulate all sorts of electronic equipment and appliances to use in their day-to-day activities. As time passes, many of these purchases become antiquated and need to be replaced, leaving their owners with a growing list of items that can be difficult to dispose of properly.

To that end, I am proud to announce a recycling partnership program with Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow, Sunnking and Novelis coming up in just a few weeks.

On Saturday, Aug. 22 between 8:30 and noon you will be able to drop off electronic devices and appliances to be recycled. We will be stationed at the corner of Sheldon Ave. and West Seneca St. (enter off Mollison St.). in the City of Oswego.

This is a free event. However, online pre-registration is required and allows us have the right amount of staff available to assist participants and ensure everything runs smoothly. Please visit https://www.jotform.com/sunnking2020/oswego2020, or call 585-637-8365, in order to reserve a spot. I want to thank our partners for their contributions, hard work and collaborative efforts in putting together this important community event.


Recycling old electronics is a win-win-win scenario. It reduces environmental waste, allows the original owner to safely and responsibly clear out unneeded items and creates an avenue for parts and components to be repurposed where they are needed. Too often, valuable raw materials and household electronic components are thrown away alongside common waste. Many of these parts could still be useful, and worse yet, can release chemicals into the air and ground that can be environmentally damaging. Recycling drives like this are an extremely effective way to avoid generating harmful waste and ensure useful products are not needlessly cast away.

There is no shortage of items we use every day that are excellent candidates for recycling. Some examples of electronic equipment commonly recycled during drives like this one are: cellphones, computers, monitors, printers, audio/visual equipment and other small devices. We ask if you plan to bring television monitors, limit four per car. Consumer Reports offers some helpful tips about how to properly remove any personal information that may be stored on your devices.

Taking care of the environment is extremely important. The impacts of pollution touch every community in New York state. I look forward to participating in this important event and remain committed to reducing waste and improving the environment in our beautiful state.

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