Village approves purchase of recycling carts


SPRINGVILLE—The Village of Springville is making it easier for residents to recycle after the Board of Trustees approved the purchase of 65-gallon recycling carts at its Jan. 22 meeting. The approval came after information was presented on recycling.

“This might not make everyone recycle, but it will enable them to recycle,” Trustee Elise Rose said.

The village received a matching grant from the Department of Environmental Conservation for the purchase of the recycling carts. At its Jan. 7 meeting, the board tabled the vote on purchasing the totes, citing a need for more information on the items that can be recycled and the process of recycling. At Tuesday’s meeting, Gerald Blake of Waste Management was on hand to provide information and answer questions.

“The focus is on education … we’re trying to educate as best we can,” Blake said.

He noted recyclable items are fluid, based on market trends. Currently, glass has a low value, so it becomes less sought after by recycling companies.

“We wouldn’t leave [the waste] … it’s not processed on the side of the road,” Blake said. “No matter what way you go, the first step has to be education.”

Trustee Nils Wikman, who expressed his concern earlier in the month, presented a few items asking Blake if they could be recycled. For the most part, each of his items were able to be recycled.

“We want to make sure we’re educating on the right stuff,” Wikman said. “We want to make sure the residents have every opportunity to get rid of recyclable material.”

Reed Braman, of Green Springville, offered the non-profits help to educate residents and encourage the village to recycle.

Trustee Nils Wikman asks for recycling guidance from Gerald Blake.

“Let’s put it this way, providing the [carts] may or may not increase recycling,” Braman said. “But it won’t decrease it.”

The village is responsible for about $30,000 to purchase the carts; the other half will be covered by the DEC. A small portion of the grant is tagged for educational purposes. Mayor William Krebs shared some knowledge he picked up from a recent Northeast Southtowns Solid Waste Management Board meeting.

According to Krebs, Niagara Falls increased its recycling to 23 percent, from 12 percent, following the purchase of recycling carts. In discussion with other representatives from area municipalities, Krebs said everyone was in support of the carts. Hamburg, Holland and Orchard Park were some of the municipalities Krebs pointed to.

“I would support taking this grant,” Krebs said.

The board ultimately approved the purchase of the carts; it’s estimated the village will have them by June. The 65-gallon carts each have a lid and a unique identification code.

“I’m glad we had this conversation,” Trustee Alan Chamberlain said. “My concern was [the recycling workers] would open the lid, see there is a pizza box and move on. I’m glad that’s not the case … we have a long way to go with education.”

Superintendent of Public Works Ken Kostowniak asked the board to approve additional smoke testing along Waverly Street, Pinewood Drive and Ohio Street to determine if there are illegal hookups to the sewer system. The village has been testing its sewer systems after discovering there were overflow issues.

“That area is slightly over overflow levels,” Kostowniak said. “The water is pouring into the laterals, which can either be broken or illegal.”

The testing forces smoke through the system and can identify potential issues by seeing where the smoke escapes. MDA Consulting performed a similar test along the Main Street business district last week. Kostowniak doesn’t yet have the results from that test, he said, but he will bring it to the board when he receives it. The board approved the additional smoke testing.

In other news:

– Two public hearings were set for Feb. 4. One to approve local law 2019-1, which will increase no-parking zones and the second on local law 2019-2 to override the tax cap. The village does not yet know if it will be overriding the tax cap but has to approve the law in the event it needs to.

– The board approved flood plain management language, which will be sent to the DEC for approval.

– The board approved the Springville Journal as its official newspaper.

The Village Board of Trustees will next meet Feb. 4 at the Public Safety Building. For more information on recyclable materials, visit

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