Waste Management Hosts 100 Days of Recycling Social Media Campaign


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So much has changed this year, but the rules for recycling correctly are still the same. With distance learning becoming the norm, and more school-aged children staying home during the daytime, Waste Management of Nevada has some fun ideas to help you and your family test your recycling skills at home and challenge your kids to learn the right way.

Each week through the end of October, the Waste Management of Northern Nevada’s Facebook page will have a new creative project for you and your child to work on together under a contest called Waste Management’s 100 Days of Recycling.

With recurring activities for children on social media, Waste Management will keep families involved in recycling. Activities range from creating artwork or science projects, to writing prompts on how to properly recycle, and virtual field trips to the landfill and transfer station. Each activity is aimed to teach the importance of recycling and how kids can get involved and help recycle. 

With each activity, users are encouraged to participate and submit photos of their families completing the activities. Each week, contest participants are entered to win prizes such as a package of passes to the Discovery Museum or a gift certificate to the Reno Puzzle Room.

Check the Waste Management of Northern Nevada’s Facebook page each week to see the new prompt! Prompts are posted each Thursday and are open until the contest ends on October 30, 2020. 

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