Waste recycled on annual ag recycling day


Photo courtesy Dubois County Solid Waste Management District

From Local Sources

More than 1,900 plastic pesticide jugs were recycled at the Dubois County Solid Waste Management District’s annual Agriculture Recycling Day on Wednesday.

More than 28 farmers and land managers took advantage of the opportunity, which also brought in 620 gallons of oil to be recycled.

“We enjoy providing this service for our farmers and land managers,” said District Director Carla Striegel-Winner. “We have some die-hard recyclers out there. Seeing all of those jugs getting recycled gives you a good feeling. Being able to offer the bulk oil recycling adds to it as well, they appreciate that.”

Residents wanting more information about other recycling and proper disposal in the county can visit www.duboiscountyrecycles.org or check out the district’s Facebook page.

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