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The LIFE group of the Wesley United Methodist Church met on Dec. 10 and heard Bob Dewille and Larry Eicher tell about their ministry of recycling plastic grocery bags into plush sleeping mats for the homeless.

Bob told about his experience of meeting with an elderly friend who was crocheting while speaking with him.

The conversation led him to do a project that would fulfill his desire to use his spare time helping people.

They figured out a way to take ordinary plastic bags, cut each end off and with the help of a loom weave them together and make a mat.

The mats are over one-half inch thick and very soft. Each of the three foot-by-six foot sleeping mats is woven from approximately 1,200 to 1,500 bags.

When they are given to homeless people, they also give them a Mylar space blanket to lay on top of the mat.

The men also have a procedure to make pillows out of the same material.

They like to add gloves, socks and a hat for the recipients.

Bob Dewille stated that there are 1,000 homeless people in Williams County and more than 2.7 million in the United States.

He is speaking to groups to bring an awareness of the homeless and told what one person can do the help.

He is willing to teach others how to do this project. For information, call Bob at 419-551-3595.

Next week will be the LIFE Christmas party.


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