Weston holds annual Electronics Recycling Event


WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) — Hundreds of old electronics were recycled Wednesday, as people drop off their appliances that they don’t want or need anymore.

It’s part of the Village of Weston’s Electronics Recycling Event, where people can drop off their old TV’s, computers, microwaves, phones and pretty much any appliance with a cord.

Although you had to pay for the larger appliances to be recycled, it was a great way for community members to get rid of all the old stuff they no longer want, while also helping out the environment.

“We’re able to collect from the entire community in one big event, as opposed to trying to work with a ton of people’s schedules or run all over town. It just gives the entire community a central place to be able to get rid of their stuff. They know they can bring it down and get rid of it today and it’s not going to be sitting in their basement or their car or wherever as they’re looking where to bring it,” said Tyler Rueth, the Marketing Coordinator for Recycle That Stuff.

“I’ve seen a lot of old TV’s, lot of computers, I’ve seen a lot of vacuum cleaners. I’ve seen just a lot of smaller appliances and stuff,” said Valerie Parker, Planning Technician with the Village of Weston.

If you missed the recycling event Wednesday, and you still have some electronics you’d like to recycle, there’s another event planned for September 25.

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