What is the Most Popular Metal to Recycle?


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People in Houston and across the nation recycle a wide variety of materials. Metal recycling makes it possible to reuse metals ranging from aluminum to gold. The most popular metal to recycle is steel; this industry boasts a recycling rate of approximately 67 percent.

Steel contains several different materials. Among others, they frequently include iron, manganese and carbon. This metal resists impacts, rust, and corrosion more effectively than iron. It normally costs less than alternatives like aluminum and copper.

Iron has a much longer history. It was used to build weapons and implements several thousand years ago. Many early civilizations obtained their iron from meteorites. Almost 3,000 years later, people used it to create steel with the help of charcoal.

European countries manufactured the largest quantities of steel in the 1700s and 1800s. The U.S., Russia, and China have taken turns as the world’s top producers in recent decades. Manufacturing facilities usually consist of multiple furnaces and rolling mills.

Today, China reports the highest annual production of this material. America and Japan follow it as the second and third largest manufacturers. The commodity is important for the appliance, automotive, building construction, and food industries.

This popular metal comes in several types. Stainless formulations contain abundant nickel and chromium. Galvanized metals feature protective zinc coatings. Other common options include tool and electroplated steel, and a variety that numerous cans contain.

When people recycle this material, it remains just as strong as it was before. This makes it possible to manufacture numerous products with the same metal. Empty soup cans may eventually become part of a door, vehicle, or refrigerator.

Steel’s versatility and durability has made it popular for centuries. Metal recycling facilities in Houston enable local residents to help minimize the environmental impact of this material while gaining compensation for defunct or unneeded items.

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