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Residents on the Yorkshire Coast are being reminded of what they can or cannot recycle and where they can go.

East Riding

East Riding of Yorkshire Council says Christmas and New Year generates more waste than any other time of the year across the region – but the good news is most of it can be recycled.

The waste and recycling officers at East Riding of Yorkshire Council are issuing some festive advice to help residents fill their blue and brown recycling bins during the holiday period.

Christmas trees, cards, wrapping paper, gift boxes – even the bones from a turkey – can all be recycled at home by putting them in the correct bin.

This year the council launched a campaign to encourage residents to recycle more metal packaging – which is more common at this time of year.

Alongside empty cans, tins and aerosols, the following can also be placed in the blue bin:

  • Biscuit and sweet tins
  • Metal tops from beer and wine bottles
  • Jar lids
  • Foil and foil trays
  • Chocolate and sweet wrappers made from foil

Councillor Symon Fraser, the council’s portfolio holder for strategic asset management, housing and environment, said:

“Residents in the East Riding are fantastic at supporting our recycling schemes but there’s more we can all do, especially over Christmas and the New Year.

The amount of waste packaging sky-rockets at this time of year – and the vast majority can be recycled at home.”

Here is a Christmas guide to bin collections and recycling in the East Riding:

  • Bin collection dates will change over the Christmas and New Year period, but will return to normal from Monday 14 January.

All residents will soon receive their 2019 Bin Collection Calendar through the post, which will tell them the revised dates for the upcoming Christmas and New Year period and the collection dates for next year.

You can also find your festive bin collection dates by visiting the website bins.eastriding.gov.uk and typing in your postcode.

Sign up for the council’s free text message reminder service for bin collections.

Details of how to sign up are on the 2019 Bin Collection Calendars, or you can download a copy of your calendar from bins.eastriding.gov.uk.

  • Household waste recycling sites (tips) in the East Riding will be open from 10am to 5pm each day, except on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when they will close at 4pm.

They will be closed all day on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

  • Blue bins can be used to recycle Christmas cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, cardboard and cardboard boxes, plastic tubs and trays, all glass and plastic bottles and jars, cans, tins, aerosols, tin foil, foil trays, books, newspapers, magazines, juice cartons, egg boxes.

Please make sure they are all empty, clean and put them loose in the blue bin.

  • Brown bins can be used to recycle all cooked and uncooked food waste, including plate scrapings, peelings, meat, turkey and other bird carcasses, meat bones, egg shells, tea bags and small amounts of sauces, creams and soups. Any garden waste can also go in the brown bin.

Free kitchen caddy liners to put your food inside are available at household waste recycling sites, customer service centres, libraries, mobile libraries and leisure centres.

Real Christmas trees can be recycled by placing them next to your brown bin for collection in January, or they can be taken to household waste recycling sites. Please remove all lights and decorations.

  • Broken Christmas lights and other unwanted electrical items can be taken to the small electricals section at household waste recycling sites.
  • Batteries should not go in your bins. Please take them to supermarkets and local shops which have battery recycling collection boxes or to any household waste recycling site.
  • Crisp packets and polystyrene cannot be recycled, so please place these in your green bin.
  • Clothing, shoes and textiles cannot go in your bins, so please take these to local clothing recycling banks or to charity shops.

Unwanted Christmas gifts can be donated to charity shops or taken to household waste recycling sites for donation to the Dove House charity reuse shop at the Humberfield household waste recycling site, near Hessle.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire County Council, in partnership with Yorwaste, is reminding people of the items they can take to their local household waste recycling centres (HWRCs), whether that is electrical goods, packaging, batteries or Christmas trees.

County Councillor  Andrew Lee, Executive Member for Waste Management, said:

“Working together, the county council and Yorwaste are providing residents with advice on how to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste and are helping everyone to have a greener Christmas.”

If you have extra rubbish or overflowing recycling over the Christmas holidays, the sites will be open every day apart from 25th and 26th December and 1st January and all Wednesdays.

Opening times at this time of year are 8.30am to 4pm.

Full details are at www.northyorks.gov.uk/household-waste-recycling-centres

  • Items that can be taken to the sites include: paper, cardboard, telephone directories, books, garden waste, glass, food and drink cans, foil, scrap metal, plastic bottles, mixed textiles and clothes, batteries, fluorescent tubes, TVs and monitors, fridges and freezers, large appliances, small appliances, furniture (including beds, mattresses, sofas and chairs), bric-a-brac, cooking oil, car batteries, used engine oil, tyres, wood and timber.
  • Non-glittery greetings cards can be recycled within paper and card recycling. If you receive any with glitter or other non-recyclable additions, these will need to be removed before the cards can go for recycling.
  • Shiny wrapping paper can’t be recycled as some of it has a plastic/foil mix. Stick to normal paper and remove the sticky tape before it goes in the paper recycling. Otherwise it needs to go in the rubbish bin.
  • Real Christmas trees can go in the garden waste skips for composting. Glass jars, including empty cranberry jelly jars after Christmas dinner, can be recycled with glass bottles, regardless of the glass’s colour. Cardboard can be recycled. Just flatten it and remove any tape.

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